In the Kitchen

What we cook up behind the scenes

Our Culinary Story

Bottoms-Up and Chow-Down

The Sons Of Kent Kitchen was designed to provide fresh, wholesome food to our beer-loving customers. We use local, seasonal ingredients to prepare full-flavoured, shareable items to pair with our large selection of craft beers. Whether you are famished from a long journey to visit our brewery, or you’re simply popping by for a couple of Flywheels with a friend, look to our menu or warm staff to guide you to a perfect accompaniment.

Who's Cooking?

The Pros with the Palate!

Eva Saunders

Nick Name: Kitchen Maven
Favorite Beer: Juice-Box
Fun Fact: Lived and worked In Lake Louise Alberta.


Nick Name: Culinary Maven
Favorite Beer: Scotch Ale
Fun Fact: My mom freaked out when I told her that I cooked for the band Journey.

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